Monday, May 24, 2010


When we moved in, this iris bed looked like it had been neglected for years. The irises were so crowded that they barely bloomed, three giant daylilies (which do just fine in partial shade) were taking up a lot of prime real estate in the sunniest spot in the yard,  and what looked like a clematis (still not sure if it is since it's never bloomed) was struggling in vein to climb above the mess. I started by pulling weeds which were also growing pretty thick in the garden, and with some help from my mom and my sister, I thinned out the irises, transplanted the daylilies, made room for a peony and hydrangea, and planted some tulip bulbs. I also added a trellis for the clematis to climb and now, two years later, it's starting to look like it has a reason for living.

The irises are lovely too. I just wish they lasted a bit longer!

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