Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ring Stacker

I can think of a million sewing projects I've started and given up on when things got a little too tough. Christmas stockings, a winter coat, a windbreaker...zippers are and always will be my nemesis. Anyways, I found this pattern at and had to try it out. 

Of course, shopping for fabric was the best part (as always), and that fabric sat uncut for a number of weeks before I finally decided to tackle this project. Sometimes I think cutting out the pattern is the worst part, and then I remember that my printer and sewing machine have formed an unholy alliance to make my life as frustrating as possible (does my printer really need to eat 20 sheets of paper at once? and then force me to clean the printer heads again and again until I finally run out of ink?! and does my sewing machine really need to go haywire every time I change one of the settings?! No button holes or zig-zag stitching for me...) I'm not aware of any other appliances that have joined this alliance yet, but I'm keeping a close eye on the toaster.

So yeah, despite my grudge against the sewing machine (or it's grudge against me) I managed to complete this project which was only slightly harder than the letters we made in Home Ec class back in junior high. (Do they still teach Home Ec?) I think it's cuter than the plastic Fisher Price ring stackers, definitely more cuddly, and machine washable! Now on to the next soft toy...


  1. That is really sweet! I was given one almost just like it- it was called a 'Chameleon'- doesn't resemble one at all apart from the odd head top piece! Every ring is another material, one has a bell in it, one fluffy, one has a fabric bug on it and the head a squeeker. But I really love yours!! Great job!

  2. Thanks Gray. Bells and squeakers would definitely be a fun addition!

  3. Cute! Cute! Looks like perfect sewing to me :) Just beautiful