Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hunting Shack

This weekend we went up north for Abe's baptism. The weather was great so we made the annual trek out to the hunting shack.

Abe went off-roading in his stroller, and kept his eyes WIDE open the whole time.

Ryan tried out the kids dirt bike...and managed to make it back injury-free.

75° in the middle of October!

The hunting shack.

 Serena, Ella, Magdalene, and Chloe inside the hunting shack.


Built by Clyde's dad and friends back in 1954.

The shot we came for... Front row: Sebastien (7), Lincoln (1), Ella (5), Chloe (10) 
Back row: Serena (9), Abraham (7 weeks), and Magpie (3)

Shirley recording our visit in the hunting shack's journal.

 Abe loves his cousins!


 Three generations: Clyde, Abe, and Noah

I still can't believe we got the stroller through these woods!