Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Signs of Spring

I have yet to see my first robin of the year, but since Noah put up this bird feeder last week we've seen lots of little birds in our backyard. It's nice to hear the birds singing again!

Yellow finch at the feeder.

My tulips and irises are also starting to pop up! Yesterday was so nice that after our walk, I cleared away the dead leaves from my garden and planted some new lilies while Abe sat in his stroller and watched. Now we just need the rest of the snow to melt so we can start working on the other gardens...

Monday, March 28, 2011


Years ago my grandmother taught me how to knit...sort of. She taught me the garter stitch and I made a pair of fingerless gloves by knitting a square, sewing the ends together, and poking my thumb through the seam to make a thumb hole. 

A few years ago I started knitting again, mostly making scarves, but I did manage to learn the knit stitch and figured out how to make stripes and letters. Recently I decided that I should learn a little more, and when I found this free pattern by Susan B. Anderson for Spud & ChloĆ«, I decided this was a good place to start.  

It wasn't a hard project, and by referring to Susan B. Anderson's books and various tutorials on YouTube, I managed to finish it quite quickly, considering this was the first time I've ever knitted anything in the round.

I'm totally inspired to knit more! I even joined Ravelry and started a board on Pinterest to keep track of all the fun stuff I'd like to knit someday. Now if only Abe would start going to bed early...