Thursday, June 30, 2011

America the Beautiful

Most of the books I'll be reviewing are board books (at least for now), but I decided to include this beautiful paperback since we'll be celebrating Independence Day this weekend.

America the Beautiful illustrated by Neil Waldman

America the Beautiful makes me want to go back to the places I've been to, and explore the parts of this country that I've never seen! The text of this book is the first verse of the poem, written by Katherine Lee Bates, and well known song, composed by Samuel A. Ward, America the Beautiful.
The real star of this book, however, is the gorgeous artwork by Neil Waldman. His impressionist-style paintings depict various landmarks around the country, including the Grand Canyon, the Coastal Redwoods, Oregon Coast, and the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. My personal favorite is his painting of a herd of buffalo grazing in the yellow fields of the Great Plains. 
Flipping though this book is like walking through the Orsay...except of course all the paintings are of America!

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