Friday, June 17, 2011

The one that got away...

Last weekend we headed up north for a quiet weekend at the cabin. The craziest things seem to happen when we go up there alone... Last time a bear crossed the road right in front of us while we were driving home! I spent much of my young life staring out the window, on our long drives to my grandparents house and back, squinting into the woods in search of bears.

Anyways, so Noah, Abe, and I were at the cabin. Noah went down to the dock to fish while Abe and I played on the lower deck. It didn't take Noah long to hook a small fish (about 6 inches long), but the hook was stuck in it's throat, so I offered to hold the pole to keep the fish in the water while Noah ran up to the cabin to get some pliers.
Abe and I were sitting on the dock watching the fish swim in a small circle when a bigger fish swam up and then disappeared under the dock. A few minutes later it returned, took a little nip at the small fish's tail and swam off. I yelled to Noah joking that he'd better "hurry up before this fish gets eaten!" when all of a sudden the big fish came back, opened it's mouth wide, and half swallowed the little fish!
Just then Noah stepped on the dock and the big fish spit out the smaller one and swam away. I pulled the stunned little fish out of the water and we could clearly see bite marks on either side where his scales had been stripped off.
Noah spent the next hour trying to catch the "big one" with no luck, but as I was packing up Abe's stuff and getting ready to go, I noticed his pole was bent and he was reeling something in. I picked up Abe and we went down to the shore to watch. Noah turned to tell us it was just a log, when a huge fish surfaced, rolled, and spit out his lure. The line snapped back and the lure flew about 20 feet to land on the pontoon behind Noah!

Next time we go up there we're bringing bigger hooks...and a net.

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