Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daisy, Daisy...

I am in awe of the way florists can turn a handful of already beautiful flowers into an even more amazing bouquet. I've never been great at it myself but after working in the wedding industry for a number of years I've picked up a few tips...

1. Make use of available greenery. Most flowers last longer with their leaves stripped off, but ferns, hostas, grasses, and other greenery can be added to the bouquet to "frame" the flowers and add some additional interest. 

2. Almost anything can be a vase. I think I own three actual vases (all gifts or inherited from my grandmother). Instead I use various glass jars and bottles, buckets, baskets, cans, and even wooden boxes to hold flowers. For this bouquet I raided the recycling bin...

3. It doesn't have to be perfect. Nature, although beautiful, is seldom perfect. My flowers get dirt splashed on them when it rains, bugs eat them, the sun wilts them...if I waited all summer for the "perfect" flowers to bring inside, I'd go a whole summer with no flowers. Once they're picked they begin to die anyway, so perfect or not, might as well enjoy them while they last!

In this bouquet: Irish eyes daisy, shasta daisy,
hosta leaves, and ferns.

The flowers in this bouquet are from my bird & butterfly garden. We removed the fence last fall and haven't noticed any rabbit damage. Yay! The ferns and hostas are from my shade gardens.

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