Thursday, July 28, 2011

U2 360° Minneapolis

On Saturday Noah and I went to the U2 concert at TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus. We have season tickets to the Gopher football games so we're down there pretty often in the fall, but I've never seen it so packed. There were people everywhere! People that didn't get in to the concert were camped out on nearby lawns to catch the show.

Interpol was the opening act. Fantastic...but it seemed like a lot of people had never heard of them before. Boo Minneapolis!

As usual, there was a long wait between Interpol and U2's big entrance. Gave us plenty of time to study their space ship/stage.

They entered on our side of the stadium, but with only my phone for pictures, the best shot I got of their entrance was of the video footage playing on their 360° screen. I liked how they shot it in black and white. Very Rattle and Hum.

So we bought these tickets about 2 years ago... Minneapolis was supposed to be the last stop on their concert tour last year, but then Bono hurt his back and required emergency spinal surgery! We didn't mind waiting, but you'd think that given the extra time I would have bought their newest CD, No Line on the Horizon, and familiarized myself with a few of the songs. I'm a terrible U2 fan! My husband downloaded the album from Amazon the morning of the show.
Luckily they played a lot of their older songs and the few that they played from the new album, I knew from hearing them on the radio. Phew! The last U2 concert I went to (10 years ago), they played a ton from their new album and I was lost even though I had it!

If you look closely at the picture above you'll see pouring rain in the spotlights at the top. The weather was perfect when we arrived for Interpol, but about 45 minutes into U2's part of the show it started to rain. Then it stopped for awhile...then it started up again with thunder and lightning. The stadium remained packed, they put up some umbrellas on stage, covered the equipment, and U2 went on with the show. Adam even took his shirt off. (I ♥ Adam Clayton.)

The rain stopped, or at least died down, before the show ended, but we were still dripping wet when we got home. We had a great time despite the freezing rain! My husband, who's been going to U2 concerts since he was a kid, even said it was the best one he'd ever been to. (Methinks it had something to do with his beloved Gopher stadium.) I still wish I had been more than 5 years old when they performed at Red Rocks...

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