Monday, August 15, 2011

Abe's Room

Our house has two bedrooms, both on the small side. We claimed the slightly larger room at the front of the house as our master bedroom, and always knew at some point we'd be using the smaller room as a nursery (I hoped to use it as a guestroom until then), but for the first couple years it was my sewing/storage room.

When we toured the house the room looked like this:

I hated the yellow walls (doesn't yellow make babies cry?) and decided early on to paint it white. I was inspired by this photo for a nursery and this photo for a possible guestroom. I have a gorgeous wool bedspread from my grandfather in a dusty rose color that I thought would be perfect in the guestroom. Never got around to buying a bed though, so I guess that idea will have to wait...

My husband and I patched, sanded, primed, and painted the walls, ceiling, and trim (only room in the house to have freshly painted trim) long before we were even expecting Abe. It was a huge improvement over the yellow, although it was still filled with junk. After donating a few unused pieces of furniture to charity, relocating my sewing machine to it's new "nook" in the basement, refinishing a couple of old things (dresser, toy box) and gathering a few things we already owned (rug, bookshelf, floor lamp), buying a new crib, and completing some DIY projects for the baby (hand-tied quilt, ring stacker, sheep mobile), we now have a nursery that we can be proud of, and it doesn't hurt that our son loves it too! 

Having just finished the curtains and hanged/hung (my sixth grade teacher was a nut about which word was used for what - I can never remember) the last couple pictures on the wall, my work is done for now. I'll be sharing more (bigger, more detailed) photos tomorrow, so check back for the full tour!

See the full tour here and here. See something you like? Check out our nursery source list here.

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