Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fish-in-a-Bag Birthday Invitations

I'm so excited to share my fish-in-a-bag invites! As I mentioned yesterday, they were inspired by these party favors from Martha Stewart. The invitation was all designed in Photoshop and printed on white cardstock using my ink jet printer. I printed the first page, then reloaded the printed pages in my printer and printed the second page as the back. The fish were printed separately and cut out by hand. Then I stuck a strip of magnetic tape to the back of each fish, and used another loose magnet behind the invite to hold the fish in place once it was placed in the cellophane bag.

These treat bags from Wilton were the perfect size for the invitation, and after tying them with ribbon, I put them into these envelopes from Paper Source (although any business or A7 envelope should do).

When I made the invitations, I wasn't quite sure when the party would be, so I left space on the back for the details to be filled in by hand. And since every fish brought home in a bag eventually needs a new home, I included a note to cut along the dotted lines to turn the invitation into a fishbowl...

...which is why I wanted a magnetic fish in the first place. 

The printable part of the invitation can be downloaded here. (The treat bags and magnetic tape are usually available at craft stores like Michael's and Joann Fabrics if you don't want to order them online.) 

Hope you love these little fishies as much as I do!

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