Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to make a Goldfish Piñata

As I mentioned before, this post inspired me to make a goldfish pinata for Abe's birthday party. I started it the weekend before the party and wasn't able to find orange crepe paper, so I bought some orange tissue paper and did it the old-fashioned way (i.e. the way I learned in grade school Spanish class) instead.

You'll need: 

Cardboard Box
Masking Tape
18-20 sheets Orange Tissue Paper, cut into 1½ inch squares
½ sheet Black Tissue Paper, , cut into 1½ inch squares

1. Sketch a fish shape on the cardboard and cut out. Trace cut fish onto second piece of cardboard and cut. (I used a box with sides measuring approximately 11x14 inches.)

2. Cut strips of cardboard for the edging. (I used the top and bottom flaps from the same box for the edges.) Tape strips together to make one long piece.

3. Wrap edging around one side of the fish, taping it in place as you go. It should bend easily around curves and corners.

4. Poke two holes in the top and attach a string or zip tie to hang it from later.

5. Attach the other side of the fish and tape around the edges to close any gaps. Make sure to leave a flap open for filling the pinata later!

6. Wrap cut tissue paper squares around the end of a pencil and dip in glue.

7. Place on the cardboard and gently slide the tissue off the pencil making sure the glue holds it in place. This step obviously takes the most time, but it'll go faster if you have help!

8. When the pinata is almost completely covered, fill it with treats and seal the open flap. 

9. Continue to cover the sealed flap with tissue paper, and fill in any other bare spots.

10. Hang it up and have fun!


  1. i'm going to make this but I am going to paper mache it before I decorate it.

  2. Thanks! Better instructional than most I've seen! :-)

  3. Super excited this will be perfect for our bubble guppies birthday party! Great instructions! I think I'll make a trap door in the bottom to make it a pull string though.

  4. What kind of masking tape was used in the picture?