Thursday, September 1, 2011

Muddy Pigs

I would say that this was Abe's first trip to the State Fair, but that's not entirely true. He went twice last year...the first time when he was only 5 days old! I mentioned that we LOVE the fair, right?

Five days old at the fair last summer.

Since he was a little more active and observant this year, we decided to start with a visit to the barns. Abe loves animals, so we had fun petting the pigs, sheep, cows, and a bunny. 

The goats were a little too friendly.

Checking out the pigs.

Since he enjoyed the farm animals so much, we made some muddy pigs the day after our trip to the fair. This is a great project to do with babies - the entire point is to make a mess! - and it only uses one color. The perfect way to use up some of that brown paint that hardly ever gets touched!

Start by cutting out a pig shape from pink construction paper. (You can download my template here.) Provide a couple squirts of brown paint, and let baby have fun! 

If you don't have brown paint (gasp!) try using two colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel - red + green, yellow + purple, or blue + orange, or all three primary colors - red + yellow + blue. As baby paints, they'll mix together to make brown.

It's not real mud, but my son still enjoyed squishing the paint between his fingers. He really is all boy...

A very muddy pig!

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