Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Fishing Game

I made this super easy fishing game for a Halloween party a few years back. It can also double as a Halloween memory game. How fun is that?!

You'll need:

clean metal lids from frozen juice containers
Halloween clip art (find some here) or stickers
clear contact paper (if not using stickers)
a stick, string, and a magnet for the fishing pole

1. Find some Halloween clip art and size it down to fit the lids (about 2 inches wide). Print your favorites  and cut them out.

2. Attach the cut images to the lids using a circle of clear contact paper.

3. To make the fishing pole, tie one end of the string to the stick and the other around a magnet.

4. Drop the lids in a pail and go fishing!

My set has a lot of pumpkins, so I think ours rules went something like this:

Pumpkin = 1 prize
Happy Halloween = 2 prizes
Anything else = Try again

Print at least two of each Halloween character (pumpkins, ghosts, bats, spiders...), and use it as a memory game as well!

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