Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we carved our pumpkins for Halloween. 

I couldn't think of a kid-friendly option for Abe since he wasn't interested in coloring or painting his pumpkin. Really all he wanted to do was throw it around.

He enjoyed playing with the carving tools, but for the most part he either wandered off to play in the sunroom...

...or climbed on the kitchen stool...

...and watched Daddy.

He did help me carve a little (with his plastic knife), but showed no interest in scooping out the seeds... 

So this is Abe's little pumpkin! Apparently this is my standard "baby pumpkin" face. It's the same face I made for his stuffed pumpkin, and the same one I carved on his very first pumpkin last year! Maybe next year I'll get more creative.

He liked his pumpkin much more once it had a face, and when he realized the top came off it was a whole new game!

He played with it for a long time, hiding little things inside and taking them out.

Since it was getting close to nap time, we decided to light them up so he could see what they would look like at night.

We put a battery operated votive in his pumpkin so he'd still be able to play with it...

...and he did.

Although he was very interested to see the real candles flickering in the big pumpkins.

I went with a ghost pumpkin this year because every time Abe sees a ghost he says "Boo!"

Now we're all set for Halloween!

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