Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 12: Silhouettes 3 Ways

I love a good silhouette. The only trouble is, it's really hard to get a 15 month old to sit still while you take a picture of the side of their head! After countless attempts I finally stumbled upon a solution. I sat Abe down on his step stool in front of the bookcase (I needed a white wall to shoot against), and lined up a bunch of raisins on the shelf in front of him. He happily sat there eating raisins for all of 3 minutes...

...but it was enough. I ended up with a few good shots to choose from, and some awesome raisin eating shots to boot. I wanted to see his chubby little cheeks, and the shots that showed his lips (although adorable) lost all that chubby deliciousness, so in the end I went with this one:

Now I'm not one to spend a lot of time doing something that can be done much faster in Photoshop, and since I knew John from Young House Love posted a wonderful tutorial (found here) on how to convert a photo to a silhouette, I simply followed his instructions and ended up with a nice resizeable file to work with.

To make up for my lack of a "DIY silhouette tutorial," I've decided to instead show you three ways to use your Photoshop silhouette to make Christmas ornaments!

Printed on textured paper and framed

1. The first one is easy. Just find a store bought frame (I found this one at Crate & Barrel), and measure the size of the opening. Crop and resize your silhouette to fit the frame and print on white paper. (I used a textured cardstock for mine.) Cut to fit the frame, pop it in, and you're done! 

Printed on patterned cardstock

2. This is an easy option if you don't have (or want) to buy a frame. Simply print out your silhouette on a piece of patterned paper or cardstock, mount on a lightweight piece of cardboard or heavy cardstock (I used Mod Podge to attach it to the cardboard), and once it's dry cut into any shape you'd like. Punch a hole at the top, add a ribbon, and hang! You can write baby's name and date on the back too.

* Just a note, when this one came off my printer, the stripes were clearly visible through the black ink. I carefully filled the silhouette in with a black Sharpie to make them less visible.

Cardstock cutout

3. This one requires a little more work and a pair of sharp scissors. Use Mod Podge to glue two pieces of cardstock together patterned sides facing out (I used a glittery yellow cardstock, but I think a patterned paper would be super cute!), and let them dry under a couple books. When dry, tape a pre-printed silhouette to the cardstock and carefully cut around it. (I found it helpful to line up the bottom of my silhouette with the edge of my cardstock and wrap a piece of painter's tape around the edge to hold it in place.) Punch a hole in the top and add a pretty piece of ribbon.

There you have it. Three silhouette ornaments that are fun, easy, and absolutely adorable! 

Well, that's it for our 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments series. I hope you've enjoyed them all! If you missed any, you can see them all right here.


  1. These are so sweet! As a variation to #2, you could also mount the silhouette on child's artwork (cut into a circle). Love these! THanks for posting!

  2. thanks for posting!
    I love silhouettes!

  3. lovely idea and you are right, you definitely need to capture the chubby cheeks

  4. Love silhouettes! Super post and an adorable little guy.

  5. It could be decoupaged onto a small tile, as well.

  6. I'm back. I just love your ideas. I've pinned several! Thank. Making these into a garland today.

  7. These are so so cute! Perfect.

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