Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reindeer T-Shirt

Back in college, I worked at the childcare center on campus. It was such a fun experience that when I moved back to Minnesota after graduation, I ended up working at a preschool for two years before deciding to pursue a career in the field I actually went to school for! This was one of my favorite art projects from back in those days when I worked with Miss Rachell's toddler class.  

You'll need:

Plain white t-shirt in baby's size
Brown, red, white, and black fabric paint
Cute little hands and feet

* Fabric paints dry quickly and are permanent once applied to fabric. Make sure baby is wearing a painting smock (dad's old t-shirts work great) or stripped down to a diaper. Keep a wet wipe or paper towel on hand to clean off baby's hands and feet, or you'll end up with paint covered clothes as well!

1. Slide a piece of cardboard into the shirt and tape the arms around the back. (This will make the shirt easier to handle and prevent paint from soaking through to the back.)

2. Squirt some brown paint onto a paper plate and dip baby's foot in the paint, sliding it around to make sure the bottom is covered.

3. Carefully press baby's foot on the shirt - toes facing the top!

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with baby's hands. I did one hand at a time to control the mess, but older kids should be fine doing both hands at once.

5. Let brown paint dry, then use baby's fingers to add the eyes and nose.

See why it's my favorite? Far too cute to wear only at Christmas! 

Do you have any favorite hand or footprint projects? Ever put them on a shirt? I'm hoping to add more ideas for handmade and customized baby clothes on the blog. I'd love to see what you've all done!


  1. This is a super cute project. I have an eight year old, I'll have fun making one with, and share it with my daughters, who have toddler daughters too. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!

  2. I love this so much- I've been making loads of thumbprint and handprint crafts with my kids, but I've never put them on clothes before. Can't wait to give this a try!

    We just made thumbprint snowmen (, and foorprint angels ( this year.

  3. Thanks Joy!

    Lila, I love your blog! I saw your thumbprint snowmen on Pinterest the other day. They are adorable! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! -MD

  4. I LOVE Holiday shirts for my two boys, but I hate paying the ridiculous price, only to be worn for a month or two. This will be a great keepsake, one-of-a-kind and MUCH cheaper project. Thank you for sharing!