Friday, December 2, 2011


When you bring your child's kiddie pool inside and fill it with water, you realize that you're probably not the kind of parent that really cares about messes. True I did not entirely think that one through, as the kiddie pool does not fit back out through the door without tipping it on its side, and that makes it hard to empty without getting the floor at least a little wet. Luckily, we have a sunroom which seems meant for those kind of messes (despite the fact that it's carpeted), and which we plan make even more mess friendly in the near future.

Now yesterday we woke up to a thin carpet of snow outside. It was a nice day (sort of warm), so Abe and I spent much of the morning sledding and playing in the snow. The only problem with snow is it's cold. Touching it without mittens quickly freezes little fingers, and wearing mittens makes it hard to really do stuff. My simple, slightly messy solution: bring the snow indoors!

I filled a cookie sheet with some clean snow that I collected from our back deck, laid down a waterproof picnic blanket, and let Abe go to town.

I gave him some toys and shovels and let him explore for a bit; then we built a few castles and a little snowman, but Abe enjoyed just squishing it between his fingers and eating it.

I used to put snow in the sensory table for my toddler class, and did you know, those kids could play in it until their fingers were popsicles! So keep a close eye on them and give those chubby hands a little squeeze every now and then to warm them up. 

Let the big kids join in on the fun too! They may already know all about snow, but how often do they get to play in it without mom yelling out the front door to put on those mittens!?


  1. What a fun idea to bring the snow inside! I'm always too cold to stay out too long, so this is the perfect solution. Thank you!