Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sparkle Balls

A few years ago my husband sent me a message that basically said "we have to make these!" with a link to this tutorial on Instructables.

They looked fun and easy, so I thought, why not?

That Thanksgiving, while we watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy in his parents' living room, we put together our Sparkle Balls. All I remember about the experience is that after punching 4 holes in 250 plastic cups with a handheld hole punch my hands were really sore. (Hole punches were not designed with comfort in mind...and probably not made to punch through plastic.)

At any rate, we finished our sparkle balls before Frodo's journey ended, so come Christmas, they were happily hanging from our tree in the front yard. The particular tree is rather tall and hard to hang stuff from, so the next year we hung them from the apple tree in our backyard. Last year, they were left hanging in the garage where we store them for the summer. I wanted to bring them back out, but didn't know what to do with them. 

This year my husband put LED lights around the front window and they looked so sad and dim that I decided to pull out the sparkle balls. I put them in the garden where they look like giant icy plants during the day...

...and cast a nice warm glow on the snow in the evening. 

Anyone else have Sparkle Balls? How do you display them? Any tips or tricks for making it a pain-free experience?

Find the full tutorial to make your own Sparkle Balls here.


  1. I love these, my suggestion though, which makes it easier to put together and you wont see any zip ties is staples. you are able to get further down into each cup so they are more stable in the center and they are less noticably put together.

  2. My grandma had one of these growing up but I haven't ever seen anyone else have one. She always had it inside like a hanging lamp. Thanks for sharing...brings back memories:)