Monday, January 30, 2012

Groundhog Day Finger Puppet

Groundhog Day is coming up this Thursday, and although I'd like Punxsutawney Phil to predict an early spring, it seems more likely that we'll be stuck with six more weeks of winter. (Winter never ends early in Minnesota!) Abe's a little too young to grasp the concept of Groundhog Day, but he likes finger puppets... I made this little groundhog finger puppet for him. The groundhog sits on a stick that is used to pop him in and out of his hole. Pull him off the stick and he can be used as a finger puppet. 

For the groundhog, I used a brown felt called "copper canyon," and "apple green" for the grass, both from Michael's. For the stick, I used a tongue depressor (instead of a popsicle stick) since they're longer and wider. You can find them in craft stores...or at your doctor's office.

Abe loves his little groundhog, probably because he looks a bit like Goldy Gopher... 

Only his favorite rodents get kisses!

Now as legend has it, if Phil comes out of his hole and sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. No shadow means there will be an early spring. Download the pattern and instructions here, to make your own groundhog and find out how long winter will last in your area. Then be sure to look for his shadow (or lack of) on February 2nd!

For step-by-step instructions on how to sew finger puppets, check out my holiday finger puppets pattern here.


  1. So cute! We featured your creative and educational idea today on! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Used your pattern last night, super fun! Thank you!