Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new...

For the last few years I've gotten a desk calendar in my Christmas stocking (courtesy of Mrs. Claus). I love pretty little calendars, but feel like I'm wasting perfectly good artwork by only displaying one month at a time. By hanging the whole thing on the fridge, I add a nice pop of color to my small kitchen and have a calendar handy whenever I need to look up a date!

Last year I bought this desk calendar from Gallardoworks on Etsy. I wanted something bright and colorful again, so this year I went with another botanical calendar...

...this time from Modern Printed Matter by Anna Cote.

I cut little squares from a role of magnetic tape and stuck them on the back of the calendar pages.

Then I hung them on the fridge. Super easy, fairly cheap, and so pretty! Now I just need to hang some pictures on my walls...

Need a calendar for your fridge? In addition to the one I bought, I also liked this flora & fauna one from Modern Printed Matter. A gorgeous photo calendar (from Shannon Blue Photography) is never a bad option. Paisley Tree Press has this lovely letterpress one on sale for only $3.00, and this printable flower silhouette calendar from Paperchoke would look like letterpress if you print it on fine art paper. Ruby Red Design Studio has some gorgeous black and white calendars, including this one with vintage animal etchings.

Can't find one you love? Make your own with a DIY desk calendar from PaperSource!

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