Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Minnesota Mardi Gras!

When I went to bed last night the world outside my window looked like this:

Quiet, peaceful, eerily bright. There's nothing more magical than a fresh coat of snow...

...except all the fun you can have playing in it the next morning! 

We've had very little snow this year, so this was the first time Abe and I were able to get out and build a snowman...and since today is Mardi Gras we decided to dress him in the spirit of the season!

Can you imagine if it snowed in New Orleans during Mardi Gras!? I have a feeling bead-covered snow people would line the streets...


  1. Those snowmen look great. I'm so jealous, we've hardly had any snow here all winter. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, we're supposed to have snow here all winter. My kids are still waiting for it to snow so that we can build snowmen and use their sleds!

    1. Yeah, this is the first time we've had it stick around for more than a couple days this winter. Abe gets so excited, but I feel like he hardly knows what snow is it's been melting so fast!

  2. Come to Connecticut. We can't get rid of the stuff! Love your snowman and the use of beads. Will do with the grandchildren....while we are snowed in!