Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night I made Valentine's Day cards for my boys. My husband got a scratch-off valentine (inspired by this one I found on Pinterest). I wrote "what will you get for Valentine's Day?" along with four scratch-off hearts. Apparently he's not very lucky...

Abe got this one, inspired by our favorite music video of all-time, Feist's Seasame Street version of 1234...

It's a tri-fold card with hand-drawn and decorated numbers. I taped a plastic mirror inside with a couple lipstick kisses on it and wrote "You're the one that I adore!" 

Seemed like a fun card for a baby who's learning to count - who also loves staring at his reflection - but today he was more interested in playing with his cars, trains, and Legos. 

Maybe I should have added some monsters... We hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. lol i would have scratched off all the others ones just to see what they said...and if i was the one making it they would have all said this card is enough!!