Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Bowl Party

A couple weeks ago we had Noah's family over for a Super Bowl party.

Although we'd been planning to throw a party all week, we sort of threw this one together at the last minute... we served chili because it's fast and easy...

...and chicken wings, because you can't watch football without a plate of hot wings. Noah made the wings and spent the rest of the evening saying that he should have made more. He should have...they were really good!

I made a couple silverware caddies by painting two tomato cans with acrylic paint. I painted right over the paper label which looked a bit like leather once it was dry. 

With so many kids we knew we'd need a few games and activities to keep them occupied. My first thought was coloring pages. I found these football coloring pages and printed off a few helmets for the PatriotsGiants, and Vikings (since kids mainly just care about their favorite/home team). My sister-in-law said my youngest nephew has been carrying his pictures around ever since.

Next up was Super Bowl Bingo (found here). It was fun...and delicious.

My husband came up with the best game of the day. Pin the football for a field goal!

I made a quick goal post with painter's tape and a bunch of construction paper footballs. We blindfolded the kids, gave them a spin, and sent them on their way! Any football that made it between the uprights earned a prize.

I served microwave kettle corn in boxes I made by printing a football field on cardstock. I didn't want the boxes to be too tall, so I trimmed the paper after printing, and used the leftover strips for decorating the candy dishes for bingo.

We saved the sweets for the second half of the game. Grandma brought cupcakes...

...I picked up some Oreo footballs...

...and served my frozen football ice cream bars.

They were a big hit! 


  1. Too cute! Love all your ideas! I will have to keep these in mind and use some the next football party we have!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. so very impresst,but of couse Lith are very artistic......

  3. great party! Love the football cans! Genius! p.s I love your blog name! I am a HUGE lover of rust!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  4. you americans with your Super Bowl! It's nutty! I LOVE IT :D

  5. Love this!!!...but for college football :) I'm Editorial Asst. for Stitch Craft Create magazine and I'm doing a blog post for inspiration for football crafts. I'd like to link to you :)

    1. Sure thing! :-) We are huge college football fans. Can't wait for the season to start!

  6. These are such GREAT ideas I just had to pin them!!

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original link party is open.

  7. I featured your Utensil Holders and Pin the Football for a Field Goal game on my new blog! Check it out here:

    Email me at a with questions or comments.

    Thank you :)