Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Abe and I dyed a few more eggs using this recipe for making dye with food coloring.

I wish I had mixed up a batch of orange and purple (since those are the two colors he is constantly talking about), but I figured dipping an egg in yellow and then red would result in orange, and red + blue would make purple. See the picture at the end to see how well that worked out...

Is there anything better than a craft project that involves colored water and EGGS?! 

He was having so much fun I couldn't resist making a video...

Usually he stops to say "movie" about 10 times whenever I take out the video camera. I guess he was too focused on his eggs to notice what I was doing.

The "orange" egg is the redish one on the right. The purple egg worked out alright, but the pink showed through quite a bit. They sure look different from the naturally dyed eggs I made the other day. Abe's masterpiece is the speckled yellow, pink, and green number in the back row. It was so smashed up I had to throw it out, but he sure had fun making it! 


  1. I loved seeing the video of Abe. He's so cute. Now I'm pretty sure that Simon's the same age (ish), but Abe is talking wayyyyyyy more than Simon. Maybe Claire needs to stop talking for him.
    I can't wait to see how the kids make out. Maybe we will do our eggs tomorrow...

    1. Yeah, he's a first (and right now only) child. The first ones always seem to talk more! ;-)