Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! We spent most of the day at grandma's house, although we did wake up early enough to find some Easter goodies at home before heading off to church.

Most of the eggs either had a few small pieces of candy or little toys in them. Abe really liked the sparkly puff balls he found in one egg. 

Since I really wanted him to eat something besides candy for breakfast, I "hid" an egg filled with cereal on his highchair tray. It worked! He ate breakfast before we left and was content and snuggley during mass. 

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering...for Abe's Easter basket, I picked up a plain basket at Joann Fabrics and wrapped a polka ribbon around the rim to dress it up. Then I ran a couple sheets of green tissue paper through my shredder to make the grass. It's still sitting in the living room and he digs through it every morning looking for goodies. After checking all the eggs and finding that they're empty, he brings them to me and (just like he did with our empty advent boxes) asks for "cee-rawl" or candy.

So after a couple major blow-outs where I got Abe all dressed up for church (first at his baptism and again at a funeral, possibly a wedding too but I can't remember anymore), and his outfit ended up destroyed before anyone even got to see it, I decided not to push my luck and stopped buying nice outfits for special occasions. So for Easter, I put together this outfit which consists of a sweater he got for Christmas, a navy blue polo onesie I bought on sale, and a pair of hand-me-down pants. I had pulled out a pair of brown leather dress shoes for Abe to wear, and left Noah to get him ready while I got dressed. As I was brushing my hair in the bathroom I could hear Noah saying “Let’s put on your fancy shoes.” Then I heard Abe whine, “No. Other fancy shoes!” followed by Noah saying “no” a couple times and more whining/crying from Abe. A few seconds later the bathroom door slowly opens and there’s Abe, with tears in his eyes, holding his new tennis shoes. I decided they were fancy (and clean) enough to wear to church, and I must admit…he looked pretty darn cute! (Not to mention the gray and yellow shoes look way better with those pants than brown leather ever could!) So yeah, I'm the mom who let's her kid wear tennis shoes on dressy occasions... 

Last year we still had snow on the ground at this point in April, so it was nice that the day was sunny and relatively warm. No one wants to hunt for Easter eggs in the snow!

By the way, our spring link up is still open. Stop by before Friday to share your Easter projects!

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