Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spin Art

Last week we had one of those miserable rainy winter days..."too wet to go out and too cold to play ball" we stayed inside and made spin art for the wall! I pinned this salad spinner art project months ago, so I'm happy we finally got around to trying it out.

We used a $2.99 salad spinner from Ikea - can't beat that for cheap! (My salad spinner doesn't have any drainage holes on the bottom so this was actually a fairly clean project, but if your spinner has drainage holes, be sure to put it on a cookie sheet or something that will contain the mess!) 

Cut a piece of paper to fit the bottom of your spinner (stick it to the spinner basket with a piece of rolled up tape to prevent the paper from shifting around while spinning), pour in some paint, and give it a spin!

Abe loved spinning it! Never seen him giggle so much over a painting project before. He loves to spin though...sitting in desk chairs, while dancing, playing least this kind of spinning doesn't make me dizzy.

He's a little young to understand the whole concept of primary and secondary colors but, just for fun, we experimented with mixing primary colors to see what we ended up with when they got mixed together. Great project for preschoolers! (And yes, his cardboard house doubles as a drying rack for art projects. Convenient, eh?)

The paint we were using was pretty thin so we didn't get any awesome results, but we had fun and I was able to use a few of the pieces to make Abe a nameplate for his bedroom door. I half expected him to tear it down by the end of the day, but it's been up for almost a week now and he hasn't touched it. I guess he's finally learning to recognize a masterpiece...and probably wondering why I didn't put a velvet rope in front of it. ;-)


  1. that is genius! i have one of those salad spinners and i would have never have thought of that! what a great idea and tons of fun.

  2. I remember doing something like this as a kid, although it was a brand name toy I don't recall the name of. Goes to show it's the activity that matters, not the toy itself! What a fun project for little Abe. :-)

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

  3. So... Ours just flew away from the center and didn't mix. We just end up with three streaks of color that were created by centrifugal force... Don't know what we did different??

    1. I found that they mixed the best if all the colors were poured in the center. If you look at this photo (, you can see on the first circle at the bottom how we ended up with streaks from the paint the was poured closer to the edges. The second circle and the orange square above it had a TON of paint on them which also didn't work well. Hope that helps!