Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Outdoor Fun

I love summer! Our deck becomes an extra room to play in, at least until the mosquitoes come out. Lately we've been playing with water...

...and ice. I love this ice excavation idea from Chasing Cheerios.

Abe liked it too but wasn't quite patient enough to "dig" his dinosaurs out.

So we threw the block of ice in a bowl of warm water to speed up the melting process.

We've also been using our deck as the designated "sandbox" area. We want to build him a real sandbox in the yard, but for now there are a few things I love about having a sandbox on the deck. 1. It's easy to clean up. 2. The sand won't kill anything on or under the deck like it will if we move it out on the lawn. 3. There's fewer mosquitoes and other biting bugs when you're up and out of the grass. But for real...

...his current "sandbox" is a plastic wrapping paper/under-the-bed storage box we had lying around. It has a lid which is nice, and it slides under the deck when we want it out of the way, but it's getting a little small for our growing boy (this picture was actually taken last summer!)...and it only has about half a bag of sand in it. He loves it though. Between the sandbox and his kiddie pool, we can spend the entire day out there if the weather is nice.

Have you ever built a sandbox? Or found a temporary solution that worked just as well? Any tips, ideas, suggestions welcome! I know it's probably crazy and impractical to put a real sandbox on the deck, but doesn't this just look magical? I want to play in that sandbox! And rinse off afterwards in the outdoor shower... 

Californians have all the fun.


  1. We bought a great sandbox online. Similar to this one: . Love that the platform rolls off the sandbox and covers it from the dogs (and cats!) when not in use. I had my mom make a canvas cover to replace the cheap plastic roof it came with.

    We have made sandboxes ourselves before (for friends) but looking around the Internet, I found it was actually cheaper to buy ( watch for free shipping). --- we couldn't have bought the wood for how much we spent on the one we bought premade.

  2. some friends of ours have a custom built deck that has a built in sandbox and baby pool. you can lift off sections of the decking floorboards and the sandbox and pool are underneath the decking. with the floorboards back in place, you don't even know they are there. genius! ...yes, i am jealous. :)

    1. That would be awesome. I think I need a new deck!