Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shade Garden

Every winter I save a few cuttings from my annuals to make my trips to the greenhouse a little less expensive in the spring. They sit in little jars on the windowsill above the kitchen sink and make me long for spring...especially by the end of the winter when the tiny clippings have turned into trailing vines! 

Cutting from a Wandering Jew Plant

This cutting was from one of the plants that did well in our front window box last summer. I always have a hard time finding plants for that box since it's almost completely shaded. There aren't many flowers that do well in the shade, so I tend to buy plants with pretty foliage instead. 

Chameleon Plant, Nonstop Yellow Begonia, and Charmed Wine Oxalis

This year I filled our window box with begonias, a Buttercup Ranunculus'Charmed Wine' oxalis, a Chameleon Plant, a fuchsia, some pale yellow petunias, dusty miller, and the Wandering Jew I'd saved from last summer.

Shade Garden

I'm hoping my little garden still looks this good at the end of the summer (please ignore the mud splattered widows), but I'll have to wait a few weeks to see if these plants survive in the shade.

Do you have any favorite shade plants? Know of any good plants to grow from cuttings? (I've also had luck with coleus, impatiens, fuchsias, and mint.) Any other tips for growing a garden without spending a lot of green?

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