Thursday, July 26, 2012

Veggie Garden Update

My vegetable garden had a rough start this year. A couple bunnies managed to squeeze under our "rabbit proof" fence and ate all of the beans, twice. Once those were done for they started nibbling on my tomatoes. (Aren't tomato leaves poisonous?) Oddly enough, the last thing they went for, before my husband fixed the fence, was the patch of carrots I had growing right next to the beans! I suppose they were waiting for those to turn into actual carrots. Needless to say, my dreams of an early and plentiful harvest were destroyed...and my search for a tasty rabbit stew recipe continues.

Luckily, my plants have recovered from the attack of the bunnies, although now they're a bit behind schedule. I just noticed the first few tomatoes forming on the vines! Usually I'm harvesting the first few tomatoes by early August.

I have two cucumber vines that are still short but covered in flowers...

...even noticed a couple tiny cucumbers! If I remember right, once these guys get going, they grow really fast.

I ended up buying some pepper plants to fill in the empty space left after the bunnies ate all my beets and rutabaga. 

We're looking forward to grilled jalapenos later this summer...

In an empty corner of the garden I planted a couple pumpkin seeds, and now I've got a nice (although small) pumpkin plant. So far it's more of a bush than a vine. I'm hoping I'll be able to train it to grow out of the garden and along the garage wall once it starts creeping around. 

The beans are doing well, although no flowers yet. I'm sure most people would have given up after the rabbits ate their beans for the second time, but I love beans and it seemed like there was still time in the year for a good harvest if I replanted. I'm hoping third time's the charm!

So that's what we're left with. One garden has beans, carrots, peppers, and a pumpkin, and the second garden is all tomatoes and cucumbers. We use the table in the corner for growing lettuce. It's coming along slowly but surely. See how we started here, and check out how our garden did in previous years here, here, and here

How does your garden grow? Anyone else have bunny problems? Good ideas for dealing with bunnies? They like to eat/kill my flowers too. Perhaps I'll take up falconry...


  1. I haven't had any issues with bunnies this year, but I have had a terrible time with bugs. They are ugly little white stink bug looking things and they eat the insides of my plant stems and hollow them out. So frustrating >:(

    1. Yuck. A couple years ago I had cutworms cut down some of my tomatoes, which is why I put a plastic cup around the base when I plant them now. But otherwise I haven't had too many problems with bugs yet. I'm hoping it stays that way!

    2. I had the same problem with my squash and zucchini this year, Lindsay! I ended up just pulling out most of it. I'm thinking about starting over again with a mid-summer planting (but I'm already a week behind on that goal... ack!). I hear there are some natural sprays that keep those bugs from returning.

      Erin @ The Great Indoors

  2. Last year I had a rabbit actually make a nest and give birth to bunnies in my raised beds, not once but twice. This year, knock on wood, they have steered clear!

    1. Ha! I used to have a duck that came back year after year to lay eggs in a large planter on my balcony. Not sure what I'd do if bunnies were nesting in my garden!