Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Minnesota Children's Museum

Abe has a small obsession with Curious George. We own almost all the books, have seen both movies, and most of the cartoons on PBS. He sleeps with a Curious George sock monkey, and learned to say "George" before he could say the names of some of his cousins. Oh, and "curious" was his first three-syllable word. Needless to say, when they opened the Curious George: Let's Get Curious exhibit at the Minnesota Children's Museum, I knew we'd have to check it out.

The first time we went, we arrived just as they were finishing a story and bringing George out to meet his fans. Abe wanted to get close to George but wouldn't let me put him down, so the best George got this time around was a timid handshake.

Then we went upstairs to check out Curious George's neighborhood. Abe loved everything about it! There were windows to peek in to see all of George's friends... office (with a rotary phone) that included a display of some of Margaret and H.A. Rey's other work...

...George and the man with the yellow hat's apartment building - complete with elevator doors to open...

...a construction site to work at, a spaceship with a slide, a little farm with pens for bunnies, pigs, and chickens (which he played with for a really long time), a golf course, shadow puppets...

...and a just-right sized George that got the hugs and kisses he was too scared to give to the bigger George. (I love that he's holding George's hand in this picture!)

Abe could have spent all day in the George exhibit, but I like a change of scenery, so we explored the Habitot play area for awhile. It's a great place to run and climb for little ones, and there's even a special area where babies can crawl around and have fun! 

The museum also offers a number of drop-in activities throughout the day. The activities include reading stories, singing and dancing, art projects, and face painting. They actually have a paint-your-own-face cart, so you'll run into a lot of colorful kids when the cart is open.

The World Works exhibit focuses on activities for slightly older kids...

...although Abe (and every other toddler in the museum) loved the bubble and water tables. Next best thing to actually swimming I suppose.

We also spent some time in the Our World exhibit, which had a grocery store, restaurant, post office, doctor's office, and costumes for dressing up like community helpers. 

The second time we went to the museum, we were in the Our World exhibit when Abe spied George across the room. He ran over, cornered George on the bus, and asked him to "snuggle." In case anyone's keeping track: people Abe has asked to snuggle = mama, daddy, and the stranger dressed up as Curious George at the Children's Museum. Guess he's no longer afraid of larger than life sized monkeys...

The Minnesota Children's Museum offers the following attractions and amenities (click on the links for more information):


The Curious George exhibit runs through October 7, 2012. For more information about other activities and exhibits at the Minnesota Children's Museum, go to


  1. "Abe wanted to get close to George but wouldn't let me put him down, so the best George got this time around was a timid handshake."

    George, the guy in the monkey suit, wouldn't let you put Abe down?

    1. Ooooh, I'm so dumb. I read that as "Abe want to get close, but George wouldn't..."

      Never mind!

    2. No, George was sweet. Didn't even mind when Abe laid on the floor in front of him to inspect his feet!

  2. Hi Michelle - What a great blog post! We are so glad to hear Abe had a great time. Would you mind if we shared your post on the Museum's Facebook page?

  3. Oh my gosh, does he even know how lucky he was that he got to meet George??? Claire LOVES LOVES LOVES George. Looks like he had fun, even if he wouldn't go near George.

  4. It looks wonderful! Shame we live across the pond because my kids love George to bits. Here in Poland we have a similar museum though the stories are different and I think it may be high time to take the trip:)