Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dachshund Pinata

So I didn't take the time to shoot photos for a pinata-dog-building tutorial, but in case anyone is wondering how I built the Hundley pinata for Abe's birthday party, here's basically what I did...

1. Gathered some materials that I thought would work for building a dachshund pinata: a long cardboard mailing tube, an empty ice cream pint, an empty wrapping paper roll, and a stack of tissue paper (in goldenrod).

2. I attached the ice cream pint head to the body with a short piece of wrapping paper roll, which I ran through a hole cut in both the head and the body to give it some stability. Then I used tape and glue to keep it in place. I didn't bother making holes for the legs, just attached those with tape and glue. 

3. For the fur, I followed this method to cut and apply tissue paper fringe. The eyes and tongue are made from colored duct tape, and his nose was a rubber ball that I wrapped with black tissue paper. His ears are just cut from tissue paper and attached with glue, and I attached a pipe cleaner tail to the cover for the back end.

4. Since we filled it with ice cream cups, I waited to seal him up until the last minute. I simply covered one of the mailing tube ends with tissue paper beforehand and popped it on after the treats were in. This guy didn't take nearly as long to complete as my last pinata, but he lasted long enough for all our guests to get a whack at it! 

After we were done, Abe's aunt put the pieces back together and left the pinata in our sunroom. When Abe found it the next morning, he squealed "Hundley!" and put it on the floor to climb on for a ride. The legs and head promptly popped off. Poor dog. 

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