Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Name Options #14 - Color Names

When I was pregnant with Abe, I started making these baby name lists as a way to share some of our favorites with family and friends. Since we wanted to keep them guessing (we didn't tell anyone our final pick until he'd arrived!), I sprinkled in names that we weren't considering but that we found interesting for one reason or another. It was a fun way to pass the time while waiting for our little one to arrive. 

It's hard to stop looking,because when you're expecting, good names pop up where you least expect...like the paint aisle at the hardware store. We already have a couple names we like for this little girl, but until she arrives we'll keep on searching... Won't you join us?

Azure Color name The color of the sky on a clear day...

Cerise French "cherry" This one sounds slightly exotic, yet familiar, thanks to similar sounding names like Elise and Cherise.

Clementine Latin "mercy" I love the name Clementine and the color orange...although the song is sort of sad.

Goldie English "gold" Abe loves Goldy Gopher, so I'm sure he'd be thrilled if we gave his little sister this name. And yes, I had to choose the official gold of the University of Minnesota... 

Grey Color name (also short for Grayson English "the son of the bailiff") The color of the sky on a cold and dreary winter's day...

Hazel English "the hazelnut tree" My niece suggested this one and I actually think it's very pretty (nevermind that the official Pantone color for hazel is atrocious! Nothing like the gorgeous greenish-brown eye color.) It's also my kind of name - mega popular 100 years ago (it was #25 in 1912), then faded and pretty much disappeared by the 70s, only to be rediscovered in 1998. Now it has almost broken into the top 200!

Jade Spanish "green gemstone" I used to really like this name...then I watched one too many episodes of America's Next Top Model. 

Ruby Latin "red gemstone" A sweet name for a little girl that sounds new, but just like Hazel, it was really popular 100 years ago!

Rusty English "red head" I'll always associate this name with Anthony Michael Hall's character in National Lampoon's Vacation.

Sage Latin "wise, healthy" More popular for girls, but I've heard this one used as a boy's name as well.

Sienna Italian place name Also a brown pigment used in painting. Pretty name, not the prettiest color.

Violet Latin "purple" This one could be included on my family name list, and it's one of my favorite flowers (er, weeds?)...and a pretty color to boot!

Do you have a colorful name, or are you considering a color name and want to know what it looks like? I used the Pantone color finder for most of my color swatches. Oh, and you can check out more of my baby name posts here.


  1. What?! How did I miss your pregnancy announcement? Congratulations!!!!!When are you due?