Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Art

Abe can barely wait to carve pumpkins this year...only problem is, the squirrels are waiting too. Since we don't want them all chewed up on Halloween, we'll have to wait a bit longer, so for now we've been working on other Halloween art projects to keep us busy.

First, we made these simple paper jack-o-lanterns. I cut out various shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth and Abe glued his favorites onto two big orange circles. (We used my preferred method of working with paste and toddlers: pour a small amount of glue into a dish and give them a paintbrush to apply the glue where they want it. Glue sticks are a little tricky for kids this age, and handing a toddler an open bottle of glue is a recipe for disaster!)

We also made some stamp paintings using Halloween cookie cutters. He really enjoyed dipping them in the paint and identifying the various shapes and colors...

...although most of the shapes were unrecognizable by the time he was done. He had fun though, and happily showed his "Happy Halloween!" paintings to Daddy when he came home from work.

Last year we made a footprint ghost (which now looks so cute and tiny), so when I found this handprint spider I knew we had to make one.  I started by painting a thick piece of cardboard with orange acrylic paint. Once that was dry, I painted Abe's hand and fingers (except for the thumb!) black. We applied his hand to the orange cardboard and pressed down. (He even kept it in place long enough for me to snap a picture!) After wiping the paint off his hand, we repeated the process with his other hand, overlapping the palm prints to make an adorable spider.

I let Abe add a couple googly eyes (we just stuck them in the wet paint - if they fall off I'll glue them on instead), and I used a silver Sharpie to add the little tail of spider silk and his name.

His ghost and spider look so cute together! Now to start brainstorming Halloween print projects for next year...

I think Abe's favorite Halloween project was painting the various gourds and pumpkins we've collected this season. 

When he was done painting, he wanted to add googly eyes to the pumpkins (why should spiders have all the fun?), so I gave him a handful of eyes to stick in the wet paint.

They turned out pretty cute, don't ya think? Maybe we'll add a few feathers to the orange one and keep him around until Thanksgiving. 

Anyone else doing Halloween art projects with the kids? I've pinned a lot of great ideas to my Halloween board on Pinterest. If Abe was old enough, we'd try them all!