Monday, October 29, 2012

Local Attractions: Scherer's Pumpkin Patch

After a week of cold and rainy weather, we were lucky enough to get a gorgeously sunny day for our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. 

We went out to Scherer's Pumpkin Patch in Medina, MN. Unlike the apple farms around here, they don't have much to do beyond picking pumpkins, but that's sort of why we like it. We've been going there for quite a few years now (see last year's visit here), and always have a good time!

We had fun wandering through the fields searching for the perfect pumpkin. Abe especially liked the bumpy ones...

They have a couple big pumpkin fields, so there's always lots of pumpkins to choose from. (Just be prepared to get a little muddy if it's been raining!)

We were only planning to get one pumpkin this year but somehow ended up coming home with three! 

If you don't want to pick your own, Scherer's has lots of pre-picked pumpkins too. They also have a bunch of the more exotic and different colored pumpkins if you're looking for something besides the standard orange ones.

We usually pick up a few of their gourds and mini pumpkins too. 

Abe loves tractors, so he's always excited to ride the little ones they have out for the kids. His grandma has an old one like this that belonged to Noah's older brother, but it's missing some parts. We really need to get it fixed up before he outgrows it!

We stopped in the gift shop for some hot cider (they also sell cookies), and Abe picked out a lollipop from their basket of treats for the kids. They also have delicious maple syrup (made with sap collected from trees on the farm!) and other goodies available in their little shop. 

Usually I like to go to the pumpkin patch a bit earlier in the season, but now I'm glad we waited. It was a perfect day for pumpkins!

Scherer's Pumpkin Patch offers the following attractions and amenities (click on the links for more information):


The pumpkin patch is located at 2622 Willow Dr. - Medina, MN 55340. They're open 7 days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM starting the second Saturday in September though Halloween. For more information call 763-476-1978.


  1. I love Abe's sock monkey hat. You surely did get lucky with this weekend's weather here in the Twin Cities.

  2. How much are those pumpkins?? I am straining to see a decimal point but surely nobody pays $600 for a pumpkin!!! We have only started seeing pumpkins for Halloween for the past few years in Australia. The Halloween fun is growing here now!!

    1. Oh no! The most expensive ones were $6.00, but most places sell them by weight. Usually less than 50 cents a pound.

  3. .our favorite fall excursion for the whole family...and the grandgirls .(AND Gramma) lovelove the kitties they always have for adoption..we've been going for 20+ years and wait for it every year...Lori & Steve are old friends now!!