Monday, November 5, 2012

Knitted Baby Blanket #2

This time around I didn't have anything picked out for the Pinterest Challenge, and couldn't find anything I'd be able to complete in time, so I almost gave up. Then I realized I was in the middle of a Pinterest inspired project...

When I was expecting Abe, I made a knitted blanketcrib quiltring stacker, and sheep mobile, so I really wanted to make something for baby #2. (Why should the first kid get all the good stuff?) When it starts getting cold out, I get the urge to knit, so I decided to start by making another knitted blanket. 

I've pinned a lot of blanket patterns to my KNIT This board on Pinterest, but the one I couldn't get out of my head was this blanket, which was made using this pattern from The Purl Bee.

I picked out the colors before we found out if #2 was a boy or a girl. (I didn't buy the purple yarn for the border until we knew we were expecting a girl, but I did decide on it in the store, plus either green or navy blue for a boy.) I bought an extra skein of each color (except the purple) because I wanted to  make a larger blanket than the one in the pattern. My blanket ended up being 34 x 36 inches instead of 28 x 28. Baby's gotta have some room to move!

The whole thing is knitted using the garter stitch on thick needles, so it goes together really fast.

It felt like it took me FOREVER to finish Abe's blanket, but I had this one done in just over a month! The pokiest part was attaching the scalloped border to the edge of the blanket.

It's super soft too! Just like the one Noah's great-aunt made for Abe.

Abe definitely likes it, though not enough to give up his blanket!

Visit my Ravelry page for more details about this project, including yarn choices and needle sizes.

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