Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 12: Felt Football, Baseball, and Basketball Ornaments

Abe was pretty little the last couple Christmases, so if I even got something for Noah "from Abe" it was probably a gift that I picked out. This year I decided to ask Abe what he wanted to get his dad for Christmas and was a little surprised when he immediately responded with "a ball." 

Easy enough. Noah likes to play ball with our nieces and nephews, and Abe's getting big enough to play, so I figured we could pick up an adult-sized ball of some sort to add to Abe's kid-sized collection. Off to Target we went and headed straight for the athletic aisle. Abe quickly picked out a teeny tiny football (much like the 3 or 4 teeny tiny footballs we already have at home) and then headed for the Lego section. After playing with the toys for awhile, we picked out a few gifts for his cousins and headed home...without the teeny tiny football. That evening he told Noah "we got you a present!" I suppose I should have explained to Abe about surprises beforehand (or warned Noah not to be too inquisitive), but I didn't, so of course Noah asked "You did?! What is it?" Abe flat out gave it away, "A ball!" 

Since we hadn't actually bought Noah's present yet, we headed back to Target a few days later and Abe picked out a ball for Daddy that we brought home and played with for two days while Daddy was at work and hid in the closet. Although he's told Noah a number of times that we got him a ball, he hasn't given away any specific details. The funny thing is, he's also told Noah that he wants to get me a ball for Christmas, and when I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring, he told me "a round ball." 

So yeah, long story short, balls are really popular around our house these days, so in my attempt to keep the bottom half of our tree kid-friendly, I decided to make a few ball ornaments he could play with.

Since I haven't sewn any ornaments this year I decided to break my glitter addiction and make these little balls out of felt - although wouldn't they be adorable made from glitter felt?! 

I'm working on the pattern - I'll post it later this week, but if you're really itching to make these you can follow my directions for Indoor Snowballs to make the football and basketball. Although the snowballs are much larger, these are about the size of a tennis ball. (Update: It's done. Find the free pattern here!)

The baseball is a bit more complicated to explain, but still really simple to make! Check back on Thursday or Friday for the free pattern. (Update: It's done. Find the free pattern here!)

So that wraps up my 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments series. I hope you've enjoyed them...and attempted to make a few on your own or with your kids! Have you done any fun projects this winter? Now's the time to share! Link up below to show us your prettiest holiday crafts. 


  1. LOVE these! I'd really appreciate the pattern since my sewing skills have much to be desired! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Just posted it! Check the updated post for the link. :-)

  2. Love these!! I'm running out of time this year...but I'm definitely pinning these to try next year! Thanks!

  3. Just made two today thanks for the directions.

  4. I downloaded your patterns this morning. I'm going to attempt to make a mobile for my baby. Thank you so much!