Thursday, December 6, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 4: Our Tiny House

This is not the first tiny cardboard dwelling I've made, and it probably won't be the last, but this one is extra special because it's our house! Well, sort of. I didn't make it to scale or anything. Our house is actually longer and wider, and the sunroom sticks out in back. I had to shorten the living room window and left out windows on the sides and back of the house, but it's close enough for now. 

I don't have a tutorial for this but there are a million of them online. Here's a few of my favorites:

Snowy Village Ornaments from Better Homes and Gardens
Winter Village Houses from Martha Stewart
Building a Glitter House from

As far as materials, I used lightweight cardboard (another good use for empty cereal boxes!), hot glue, transparency film for the windows, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, glitter, and an electric candle to light it up!

Originally the roof was black, but that made the glitter look green, so I gave it a coat of white paint and a fresh layer of "snow." 

I made a tiny Christmas tree from a wound up pipe cleaner decorated with sequins and put it in the house - because Noah told me "people look for that kind of stuff." Sure enough, the first thing Abe did when he saw the house was peek in all the windows!

I also made a tiny wreath for the door but it was too big so I hung it on the side of the house instead. 

Oh, and to access the electric candle hidden inside, I cut a door in the bottom and attached a ribbon to make it easier to open.

I'm starting to think if it doesn't snow soon I might be tempted to cover my real house in glitter! Maybe it's time to put down the glue gun... Check out all of our other Christmas crafts right here.


  1. Your little house is so charming!! The snow in the windows... the wreath... just perfect : )

  2. This is awesome. Your blog has tons of cool stuff, I need lots of time to check it out ;)

  3. I just came across your site and after I pinned about a dozen of your posts decided I need to subscribe!
    I love this little house and am inspired to make a replica of mine. I'll leave the garage off, but if I can figure out the ranch-style porch that goes all the way across the front it will work.
    Lots of fun stuff here! Glad I found you.