Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 6: Chalkboard Gift Tags

I made these easy chalkboard ornaments/reusable gift tags from some cheap wood cutouts (I think they were less than 25 cents a piece) that I found at the craft store, and a couple coats of chalkboard paint.

Cover your cutout with 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint (I painted both sides), let it dry, then drill a small hole and attach a string.

To get a completely clean "slate" when reusing these tags, simply remove chalk marks by wiping with a damp towel.

Perfect for presents or the tree! Looking for more homemade ornament ideas? We have lots more right here!


  1. What a great idea - I'm going to make some of those. Thanks so much for sharing. So glad I found your blog! Love it.

  2. I love the ornaments! But to be honest I am more excited about the silly sock monkey hat. I have GOT to get one! Love it! Thanks for sharing. Cindy

    1. Haha! It was a gift from his grandma, but you can find similar hats at World Market (

  3. Good morning

    This is one of your numerous projects I have attempted to copy. I am not a very imaginative person and I tend to have two left hands but I try not to let that get into the way ! I just pick up projects that seem a little bit easier! Such pride in making things! And I love all the projects I cna involve my daughter in. I just want to thank you for sharing your creativity. I love pretty much everything you do and your blog is such a lovely one full of calming colours and inspiring serenity. Please do continue sharing!