Monday, December 10, 2012

Let it snow!

Last year we had a brown winter. That's when the grass turns brown, the trees look dead, and there's no snow to hide the ugliness (and provide a distraction from the cold) of a Minnesota winter. Brown winters are the worst! Luckily we were saved from another boring winter by the big snowstorm that hit Minnesota this weekend. We were basically snowed in, so when Noah went out to shovel this morning, I grabbed my camera and brought Abe outside for a quick photo shoot in the snow. (Yes, I am just starting to think about Christmas cards.) These photos aren't from that shoot...just a few pictures I took while walking around our yard this afternoon. Enjoy!

This was after lunch. It continued to snow for the rest of the day, and we ended up with at least twice that much snow!

Our poor lilac bushes bending under the weight of all the snow.

When Abe looked out the window this morning, the first thing he said was "The leaves are gone." Then he exclaimed "Oh, my turtle box!" I quickly assured him that his turtle sandbox was still out there - hiding under the snow...

Our crab apple is prettiest when it blooms in the spring, but it's not too shabby with a white winter coat.

These weedy trees along our fence line (that provide way too much shade for my vegetable gardens in the summer) sure look pretty covered in snow.

I heard Noah and Abe shoveling the front walk, then I started to hear squeals of laughter. I figured they'd pulled out the sled until I peeked outside and saw this. Noah told me Abe said "Shovel me Dada!" and climbed on the shovel. It slowed down Noah's actual shoveling progress but they sure had fun!

Now if the snow would stick around til March we'd be very happy...

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