Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas

A couple of weeks ago we got snow. A lot of snow! 

I had been waiting for snow because I really wanted  to get a picture of Abe playing in the snow to use for our Christmas card this year. (We've just taken photos inside for the last two years.) As luck would have it, this snowstorm was perfect for pictures!

We woke up in the morning to about 6 inches of snow on the ground and huge flakes still falling. The temperature was right around 32⁰ so we were able to run outside for a bit without having to bundle up too much. (I still put a hat on Abe and he was wearing long underwear under his sweater onesie, but we left the bulky coats and snowpants inside.)

He had so much fun! In fact most of my shots were just him running away, exploring the deep snow drifts on the side of our house.

This was one of the only shots where he stopped running long enough to look at the camera! I really loved this one, and we've gone with similar close-up shots for the last two years (see those here and here), but I couldn't find a layout I liked that worked with it, so I added it to the back of the card...

...and we used this shot instead. (See the finished card we ordered from Tiny Prints and sent to our friends and relatives here.)

I liked this shot too, but it looks like he was eating something…M&M’s, snow…I’m not really sure what he had in his mouth!

Of course snow tastes best fresh from the sky... Oh, and that colorful Buzz Lightyear bandage on his finger...he noticed his dad had a bandage on his finger that morning, so of course he needed one too!

After about 15 minutes in the snow we headed inside to warm up and dry off my camera. Big snowflakes look great in pictures but they sure do get everything wet! 

Abe needed a dry outfit too, but after a change of clothes and a few minutes inside to warm his chilly hands, we put on his snowsuit and he was all ready to go back out to help Daddy shovel!

Winter is soooo much more fun when there's snow! 

We heard there's snow all over the country this year. Anyone else have a white Christmas? We hope you had a nice one wherever you are...


  1. Hello! How gorgeous! I would love to take photos in the snow one day, alas, I live in sunny QLD, AUS ;) All my holiday photos are of dogs and chickens and family in the backyard trying to escape the heat! But I do love the Australian summer. Hope you had a great Christmas :)

    1. Snow is nice for Christmas but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that thinks winter lasts too long up here. We won't see any green until April! Have a great summer! :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm sure you'll have a few framed in your house soon (if you don't already.)

  3. So adorable! What great pictures.

  4. Beautiful pictures, your kid is really enjoying playing in the snow.

  5. Great pictures, and a great photographer.