Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Geranium Dress

Sometimes I regret that I ever learned to sew. Like when I start sewing something and never ever finish. (That's happened more times than I'd like to admit.) Or when I come home from the fabric store with a huge stack of fabrics but essentially no plan on what to do with them. Yeah, that's happened a few times too...and again...this weekend

I'm just going to say that Rae made me do it. You see, last week she posted her Little Geranium Dress Pattern as a free download for size 0-3 months! I immediately downloaded the pattern (then pinned it so other people could do the same), and went off to dig through my collection of fabric scraps to try it out.

I chose this black and white floral print, that I originally purchased for my handmade Christmas stocking (which still isn't finished 5 years later), and luckily had just enough left over to make the dress.

The only thing I had to go out and buy was buttons (which is why I went to the fabric store in the first place), and even those weren't entirely necessary because I used snaps since I hate making buttonholes...

...but the snaps I used were really plain and boring so I added the buttons just for fun. If you plan to cheat like I did, just make sure you put the side of the snap with the hole on top so you can sew through the hole to attach the button!

So yeah, I guess in the end I'm really happy that I did learn to sew when I was a kid. This dress got me excited to make more, and after buying that stack of fabrics, I searched online for more patterns to try. This one was really easy, but it's so tiny, I'll have to order the full pattern from Made by Rae soon!

And if anyone's wondering, don't worry, the Riley Blake fabric in the background will not end up as an unfinished project. In fact I'm almost done with that one!


  1. Came over from the geranium dress flickr group to have a look - the dress is gorgeous. Now go finish that Christmas stocking!

    1. Haha! I'll need to make another one next Christmas so I'm hoping to finish the other three then.

  2. Holy awesome dress! I wish that I would have sewed dresses for Claire when she was little. Suppose I should try to find some larger patterns and give one a try!

    1. My sister always told me baby and doll clothes are the best because they're so small and quick to make. Now I believe her!