Monday, March 4, 2013

Anthro Inspired Plates

So we've been a little busy around here with our newest little addition...

...but more on that sweet pea later. Like a couple weeks later. I'm still catching up on sleep...and snuggles, but I thought I'd drop in to post my project for...

I wasn't really planning to do anything for the Pinterest Challenge this time around, but after scrolling through some of my recent pins, I came across these plates from Anthropologie. I loved the slightly imperfect shape of the plates and the playfulness added by a simple red line around the rim, but since I don't have $12-18 to spend (per plate) on what are basically white plates, I figured I'd just make my own.

I already had a set of plain white plates and bowls from Ikea, and some porcelain pens that I bought for a previous project, so I didn't even need to pick up supplies. I ran the edge of the red pen around the rim of the plates a couple times, and then just followed the directions that came with the pens: allow to dry for 24 hours, then bake at 300⁰ F for 35 minutes. (I have no intention of ever washing these dishes by hand, so I followed the directions for making them dishwasher safe.)

Since I originally bought the white plates to go with the floral plates I bought from Anthropoligie a few years back, I wanted to make sure they still played well together. I thought about using yellow or purple, but after testing out a few colors, I decided that I liked red best. Don't they look nice together?

Red rimmed Ikea dinner & side plate

Red rimmed Ikea dinner plate & floral Anthropologie side plate

Floral Anthropologie dinner plate & red rimmed Ikea side plate

So a set of six of the "pinspiration" Vermelho dinner plates, side plates, and bowls from Anthropologie costs $252.00. A set of six Färgrik dinner plates, side plates, and bowls from Ikea costs $19.99, plus the cost of a porcelain pen at around $10... I don't even have to do the math to know that I won't cry if one of these gets broken!

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