Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dental Hygiene

He hates having his hair washed and won't go to bed at a decent hour, but Abe LOVES brushing his teeth.  

When I came across this project, while digging through a box of old art projects from my teaching days, Abe wanted to get started right away. 

To make the toothbrush, cut a handle from colored paper (I just did a long strip with rounded corners) and paste (or tape) a small, white rectangle to one end. Let your child cut the rectangle to make bristles on the toothbrush. Abe's been really focused on cutting lately, so this project was right up his alley.

For the mouth, cut "lips" from red construction paper and "teeth" from yellow paper. Draw teeth on the yellow paper and paste on top of the red mouth cut-out. Put some white paint on an old toothbrush and let your child brush them clean! 

Abe loved painting with a toothbrush, although he only used that first little dab of paint we put on his brush. I guess my constant replies of "no, you don't need more toothpaste," while brushing his own teeth have finally sunk in. 

Gotta love that smile!


  1. I absolutely love this post! Fantastic idea :) I'm a dental hygienist and this makes my heart melt. Love it!

  2. So cute and awesome Idea by the way! I think the young patients of Chandler dentist would have a blast doing this activity while waiting for their turn. I did noticed that some of them seem a little bit agitated, it's indeed rare for a child to be enthusiastic during a dental visit. Anyway, I'll try suggesting this activity to their dental staff. Thank you!