Friday, May 24, 2013

Hanging Planter Makeover

So I'm not done with the deck yet, but maybe I'll get on that this weekend. Maybe not. Anyways, here's a little project I had on my "to do" list...

I always buy a hanging plant to put in our apple tree over the deck. A good gardener could probably replant a hanging plant in a pretty container of their choosing, but I'm always afraid I'll kill the plant, so I just leave it in its ugly pot and live with it, water spots and all. This year though I had an idea. Why live with a boring planter when I could paint it a fun color instead!?

I found a large plastic bag and carefully stuffed the plant inside. Then I used some sticks to hold the bag in place and keep it from touching the planter. (Just stick them through the bag and into the soil around the rim of the planter.) I sprayed the whole planter (including the bottom and under the rim) with primer, and then went over it with a couple coats of spray paint. 

I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Gloss in Citrus Green because I had some at home. Technically this would work better with a spray paint made specifically for plastic (the stuff I used does scratch off), but since it's hanging from a tree and doesn't get touched much, it should be just fine.

I wasn't sure I liked it at first but, after living with it for awhile, the color has really grown on me. (I did grow up in the 80's after all. Neon is in my blood.) It's definitely more fun than the dark green I started with!


  1. Ohmygosh- that's just what I need to do with my planter. I am just trying out my gardening skills this year (two plants down already), and so I don't want to try to move my potted plant either. I think I'll pick up some spray paint tomorrow!

    1. Oooh, good luck with the gardening Lila!

  2. big improvement! It's so happy looking now :)

  3. I LOOOOVE that color! It has literally never occurred to me to spray paint those. Great idea!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way