Monday, September 9, 2013

Minnesota State Fair

So the state fair has come and gone but I couldn't let a year slip by without posting something about it! This year we went to the fair three times, including on the record-setting Sunday before it ended! These are some of our favorite fair finds this year...

1. Walleye Cakes from Giggle's Campfire Grill - Giggle's always has something to offer beyond the typical fair food. We usually make a couple stops there each year. Their walleye cakes and porcupine meatballs are a couple of our favorites.

2. The University of Minnesota's Entomology exhibit in the Horticulture Building was one of the coolest things I've seen at the fair. Perfect for my little bug lover!

3. One day we got to the fair early enough for breakfast. Tom Thumb was one of our first stops!

4. We always seem to spend a lot of time in the Eco Building. They have lots of fun exhibits for kids...and adults! 

5. We stopped at O'Gara's for some Blarney Beans and to try their new Deep-Fried Bread Pudding. Both were delicious, but that bread pudding is going on my "do not miss" list for sure!

6. This year we tried the Rhuberry and Lemon Sour flavors of Spring Grove Soda Pop. Lemon Sour is my new favorite.

7. Edie mostly wanted to get out of the stroller to practice crawling, but she also managed to take a few long naps despite everything going on around her.

8. I brought a big blanket every day so we could get Edie out of the stoller and sit down for a picnic. One day we stopped at Minnesota Wine Country to try their new Wine Glazed Meatloaf (it was just ok), and to get a flight of wines from Minnesota vineyards.

9. Sweet Martha's Cookies - need I say more?

10. I couldn't have ice cream, but this dairy free Pineapple and Raspberry Twist from Dole Whip satisfied my craving for something cold and sweet.

11. We stopped at the Kidway one day for Abe to go on a couple rides. We think he had fun...

12. Abe wanted to see the pigs, but decided that the Sheep Barn was too noisy, so we didn't see many animals this year.

13. Abe and Noah took advantage of the All You Can Drink Milk stand. I just drank A LOT of lemonade...

14. Next year I'm going back for a hot buttered pretzel from Der Pretzel Haus, but their plain salted version was delicious too!

15. We had to try the Porketta Pig Wings from Mancini's after our friends told us they were the best new food they had tried at the fair. They were really good.

16. I always stop by the MN Honey Producers stand for an ice cold Honey Lemonade. By far the best lemonade at the fair.

We also enjoyed...

...the beergaritas from Tejas...

...great local beers on tap at the MN Craft Brewers Guild...

...and spicy, stuffed Jamaican Patties from West Indies Soul Food. I usually also pick up a Mediterranean Lemonade from Holy Land Deli when we get to that corner of the fair grounds. (The second best lemonade at the fair.)

Oh, and this was another new attraction that opened last year but I never posted the photos I took (doesn't Abe look little?)...the Great Big Sandbox!

I'm already working on my "do not miss" list for the 2014 Minnesota State Fair...deep-fried bread pudding, hot buttered pretzel, honey lemonade... What would be on yours?! You can see more of my lists of things to see and do (and eat!) at the Minnesota State Fair right here, and more of my Instagram favorites here.