Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blue Fox Costume

Not long ago Noah sent me a link to a YouTube video. I didn't get the link until he was home, so before clicking on it I asked if Abe could watch it too. He said "yeah, I think so..." and just like that an obsession was born. We watched it twice and as I was putting Abe to bed the next evening, he told me "I had a dream and there was a fox and lights and a chair in the woods..." Apparently that video had made quite an impression. 

Naturally, when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, he said "A fox!" Then added, "A blue fox!" and started to sing "What does the fox say? Ning ning nah NAH!!!" 

This costume was relatively easy to make and would have gone even faster if I'd done it all on my machine. I love hand stitching felt though, so it took more than one episode of Project Runway to complete this project. I used this free pattern from Illi Style for the mask and just changed the colors to work with Abe's "blue fox" request. I did two layers of felt to give the mask a little added stiffness and added an elastic band around the back to keep it on his head.

He already had a pair of blue sweatpants (which is why we chose such a bright blue for the rest of the outfit), and because I knew he'd need a warm costume for trick-or-treating in Minnesota, I bought a blue pullover from Old Navy and stitched a large felt circle on the front. I was just planning to cover the pockets but then I realized I'd need to stitch around the zipper at the neck to get it over his head and Noah insisted that I do the same with the pockets. It took longer but if it helps keep his little hands warm I suppose it was worth the extra work.

For the tail, I took a 9x12 inch sheet of felt and cut it in half to make two long, narrow rectangles. Then I cut a couple white triangles and cut zig-zags along the bottom. I attached the white triangles to the ends of my blue rectangles, and then put the two tail pieces with right sides together and stitched all the way around the outside edge, leaving an opening at the base of the tail. After turning the tail right side out, I stuffed it with Poly-fil, closed up the opening, and attached it to a belt I'd made from a piece of blue ribbon and a couple D-rings. Did any of that make sense? I suppose I could draw up a pattern at some point, but I'm still working on Edie's costume so it'll have to wait.

This will be Abe's fourth Halloween wearing an animal costume. (Last year he was a dinosaur and the year before a white direwolf pup.) Edie will not be an animal and I won't either, although I'd reconsider it if I could walk around the neighborhood wearing a horse head mask and drinking wine like the guy in the video...

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