Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Halloween Art

If all my years of shooting weddings and family portraits in the fall has taught me one thing it's that fall colors are at their peak during the first two weeks of October in the Twin Cities. Earlier than that and most of the trees are still green; wait much longer and most of the branches will be bare. However, this leaf-dropping timeline apparently does not apply to the giant maple tree in our front yard. Every year that tree seems to cling to its leaves longer and longer, and every year I fear another Halloween blizzard that could leave our front yard covered in an ugly blanket of snow and matted leaves. I'm not really sure how to keep the snow away or convince our tree that it's time to start shedding some leaves, but I can make our house a little more Halloweeny on the inside. 

Candy Corn Footprints

There's all kinds of Halloween creatures you can make with hand and foot prints. Last year we made spiders, two years ago we made ghosts, this year we made candy corn.

I started by using acrylic paint to paint a piece of cardboard black, then used a brush to paint white, orange, and yellow stripes on my kids' feet. I had Abe step on the cardboard to transfer the paint, but I kept Edie in her highchair and carefully pressed the board against her foot. I kept a wet paper towel close by to wipe off their feet as soon as we were done, although we still managed to get paint everywhere!

Crinkly Legged Spiders

I remember making these construction paper spiders all the time as a kid. Cut one piece of black construction paper into 8 long strips and cut a large circle from another half piece of paper. Normally, I'd fold the paper for the legs back and forth to make them crinkly. Abe didn't quite get that folding action and started crumpling them instead. Worked just as well if not better! Once the legs are crumpled, attach them to the underside of the spider with glue.

Flip the spider over and add some googly eyes. The more the scarier!

Poke a couple holes in the back and attach a white string or piece of yarn for hanging. Hang it in a spot that creeps you out every time you walk past it in the dark...

Bat Clips

Abe made this bat from a template I found from my teaching days. Cut a bat body and wings from black construction paper, glue the body to the wings, add a couple eyes and some teeth...

...and glue to a clothespin so you can hang them up around the house. I'm thinking we might start making these every year until we have a whole colony of bats! 

Finger Painted Pumpkins

Edie woke up early from her nap the other day and to keep her occupied while Abe slept I let her do a little finger painting. Painting doesn't keep her busy for long though. She usually starts trying to eat the paint, at which point I clean her up and call it a day...or a finished masterpiece. Whatever. 

This time I cut a couple circles from her finished painting, and added faces with a Sharpie to make jack-o-lanterns. If this was Abe's project I'd have him add the faces with a marker or cut paper himself.

So that's as far as we've gotten with Halloween decorating this year. We haven't even gotten pumpkins yet! Hopefully there'll be a few left in the field when...and if...we ever get there. If you're looking for more Halloween inspiration, check out my Halloween posts from previous years here, or browse through my Halloween board on Pinterest to see what inspires me!

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