Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gobble, gobble!

The other day we were making turkeys and those cute little hand prints reminded me that I wanted to make a turkey table runner (adding new hand prints every year) for Thanksgiving. 

I found a piece of fabric (left over from our wedding) long enough to make a runner and put the first two hand prints on it. I won't be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for many, many years, so I didn't bother finishing the runner yet (it will probably be tucked away only taking it out to add new hand prints each year until it's needed), but as long as I was painting hands and cleaning up messes I figured we'd get a couple bonus potholders out of the deal to give to those who will be hosting Thanksgiving this year.

Luckily I had some leftover fabric paint from the reindeer shirt Abe and I made a couple years ago. I brushed brown paint on Abe and Edie's hands and helped them firmly press down on my 8 inch square of fabric. Then we added the "waddle" by dipping their fingers in a little red fabric paint, and used a dot of black paint for the eyes. I used fabric markers to add the feet, beak, and message, but if you have the right colors, those could be added with fabric paint too.

I cut a 9 inch square from the Christmas-y fabric I used to make our tree skirt, and layered that (right side out) under a square of batting with my turkey square on top (also right side out). Then I folded the edges of my Christmas fabric over twice so that it overlapped the edge of my turkey square, and stitched all the way around the square. I figure the Christmas-y edge is neutral enough (no Santas or reindeer or anything that shouts "Christmas!") to make it fit in with Thanksgiving Day decor, but the potholder can be flipped over to be used as a Christmas hot pad as well. Two birds, one potholder. ;-)

Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween has come and gone...but I still have pictures to share! And a pie costume. 

Abe was excited about carving pumpkins after our trip to the pumpkin patch, so I carved two pumpkins with them the next morning. Somehow we ended up with five pumpkins (seven if you include the two pie pumpkins we bought at the grocery store), but we waited to carve the rest at Grandma's house a couple days later. Abe really wanted a green bat and when I showed him the bat-o-lantern that I found online, he saw the mummy pumpkin in the picture and decided he wanted a mummy too. Edie was just happy to help/chew on the lids.

Abe had a Halloween party at school so we put together some little treats for his classmates and these bags for his teachers. I had Abe use a white crayon to draw a spiderweb on each bag, then I sliced a hole in the bag, stuck a spider ring through the hole, and used a piece of tape on the inside to close the hole and keep the spider in place. Inside we put an apple (from the Apple House), a clementine Izze soda, orange and green Tic Tacs, and a bunch of Ghiradelli chocolate squares. Once they were filled I rolled the top of the bag over, punched a couple holes, and tied them shut with ribbon. Oh, and we stuck a Happy Halloween label on the front and a To/From label on the back since each bag also included a little thank you note for each of his teachers.

I shared Abe's blue fox costume the other day since I had it ready long before Halloween. I started Edie's costume the night before and finished it the next morning while Abe was at school. We call her "Edie Pie" so that's what she was! 

Since it's usually cold here in Minnesota I knew she'd need a hat. What better way to top off a pie than a with a dollop of whipped cream? 

We don't do a ton of decorating for Halloween but I did hang up the skeleton wreath I picked up at Joann on clearance a few years back. We also put out the glowing eyes we made last year (I brought them in and put them in Abe's room when it started to rain), and Abe and I built a spiderweb in our front window

Then, of course, we had our jack-o-lanterns. Of all the pumpkins we carved, I think the spiderweb was my favorite. 

We invited my brother, Ryan, over for dinner and then he came trick or treating with us. He hadn't seen the fox video that inspired Abe's costume so we showed it to him before heading out. So that's what Edie is watching in this picture. Also her boots kept popping off her feet which is why they look so unnatural in this shot. My brother joked that we needed pictures so she'd always remember the Halloween we dressed her up as a throw pillow. Poor baby. Technically though, it'd be pretty easy to turn her costume into a pillow...

Abe was the cutest blue fox ever! We ran into our neighbors just after leaving our house and it was fun watching Abe's little tail bobbing up and down as he ran from house to house with their boys yelling "trick or treat" and "thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!" after getting candy.

Here they are ready to go! Edie looks like a little gnome pie, and that's Abe's "green bat" in the background.

Noah brought Edie home early, but Ryan and I stayed out with Abe and our neighbors until he got tired and wanted to go home. He started asking me to carry him and when I suggested he ride in the stroller so we could head home, he handed me his bag and said "how about YOU do it {knock on doors, say trick or treat, and collect candy} for me?" I think we made it to two more houses before he said "this is the last one," and without a single complaint he climbed in the stroller and we walked home. 

Abe ended up with more candy than I ever remember getting as a kid (though surprisingly no Nerds and only one bag of Skittles), but his favorite treat of the night was the little bag of Cheetoes we let him eat before bed. Edie was already asleep when we got home, and after all the excitement, Abe fell alseep pretty quickly too...

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!