Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 11: Knitted Wreaths

I felt like knitting something so I made a few of these simple wreaths for our tree...

This is a great project for using up bits of leftover yarn. I used the green yarn from the frog I made for Abe and the glittery copper "eyelash" yarn that I used on my cardboard Christmas trees

If you're a better knitter than I am you could make these on circular needles, but I just knitted a roughly 3 inch square and then stitched the sides together to make a tube.

Then I started rolling that tube into a wreath. (You could totally do this with cute socks that have lost their mate if knitting isn't your thing!)

Once it's all rolled up, use a yarn needle to stitch around the back to keep the end in place. Next, use a yarn needle to attach a string for hanging (or just tie off the tail end of your yarn if it's long enough), and decorate however you wish. I did french knots to look like berries on my green wreath, and now I'm thinking if done in the right colors, these could totally end up looking like donuts. Colorful "sprinkles" would be so much fun! 

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