Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12: Laminated Photo Cut-Outs

I took these picture of the kids in their Christmas jammies back in November intending to turn them into some sort of photo ornaments. I didn't quite know what to do with them though until I saw this tutorial from Jackie at Teal & Lime.

The process I used was pretty simple: 
1. Print photos and cut out. 
2. Doodle snow globes and angels on paper until I was happy with the size and shape of each one.   
3. Trace finished doodles inside laminating pouch using Sharpies. 
4. Add glitter, photo cut-outs, and laminate. 
5. Add a string and hang!

Maybe I should have turned Abe into a snow angel. He makes a snow angel on our deck every time I send him outside! (Then he usually rolls over and starts eating snow...) He was pretty happy to see himself in a snow globe though. I used white acrylic paint on the back of the snow globe to fill in the "snowbank" he's sliding down, the space behind the words, and to add a few extra "snowflakes" since the glitter didn't stand out much.

So that completes another round of Christmas decorations. Find the complete list (from this year and years past) right here!


  1. Lovely ornaments!! congratulations!!
    Merry Christmas!!
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  3. Those are perfectly adorable! Thank you for sharing (on my list for next year).

  4. Cute idea!
    Oh, and great taste in pajamas... my youngest daughter has the bauble set from Gap too :)

  5. Did you use a white or silver sharpie for the angel and snow flakes? Looks really great, I'm going to try it :)

  6. Can use use the laminating sheets that don't require a laminating machine???

  7. How did you get the laminating sheets to not peal away from the glitter at the edges?

    1. It does peel a little bit, although I never noticed it until I just went to check. I suppose you could add the glitter on the outside with mod podge or something like that. Or do a really light dusting of superfine glitter.